What has Leprechaun Repellent to do with SEO?

The Leprechaun Repellent Keyphrase Guarantee is a popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) example given by SEOs claiming the moral high ground in the search for customers. So What has Leprechaun Repellent got to do with SEO anyway?

Leprechaun Repellent and SEO
If you are looking into SEO companies, then you probably already know that your business will be looking to rank high in the search engines for a particular Keyword or Keyphrase. Because people love a guarantee, it is easy for an unscrupulous SEO to offer to get you at the top of Google, Yahoo, or MSN, and demonstrate their competence by using obscure phrases. They will give an example like “Search Google for Leprechaun Repellent and see who comes up top!”. Well News Flash!

What has Leprechaun Repellent to do with SEO?
Any company willing to offer a guaranteed SEO service will be keen to show examples of their work. As a SEO customer, you want competitive keyphrases not obscure and meaningless ones. In other words keyphrases that people are actually searching for.

Once upon a time Googlewhacking was considered great entertainment, but you would not necessarily want to hire a Googlewhacker for SEO!

Historical Note: A Googlewhack is a type of a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words without quotation marks, that returns exactly one hit.(Wikipedia)

Good SEO companies will avoid obscure phrases, while Leprechaun Repellent practitioners will tout them as examples.

So in summary, Leprechaun Repellent is an example of a Keyphrase which is uncompetitive, and so easy to claim a top ranking. Good SEO companies will avoid such phrases, while weaker SEOs will use them as examples of their work. Next time you are thinking about researching SEO companies, ask yourself are their key phrase guarantees competitive, or just Leprechaun Repellent?

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