Trevor Carter Memorial Gig

While we are wondering what do about all the extra weight we have gained by overeating over the Christmas break, a thought occurs about getting out to the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig, which we are helping to promote. This promises to be the best musical event in Bristol next year. What better way to shed a few pound than rocking the night away to some great Bristol sounds?

For those of you who do not know, Trevor Carter was a musician, programmer and friend who died at home on 30 January 2011. He is sorely missed by his wife Conny, and his many friends and former band mates, who are getting together to celebrate his life with a memorial concert at a local Bristol venue where he played during his musical career. As a fellow programmer and colleague of TechCo Systems, we are proud to provide technical and marketing support to the venture, as well as a bit of SEO to ensure that the gig gets the prominence it deserves.

We understand that it will be held at one of the numerous places where Trevor played with one of his various bands, but it is sure to be somewhere around Bristol or Swindon. As soon as the venue and date are confirmed, you can bet that we will publicize it here!

If you would be interested in contributing to the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig as a performer or crew, or just go along to watch what is sure to be a brilliant evening of entertainment, please let them know as soon as possible via contact form on the website Contact. Please note that all proceeds of this event will be donated to the charity determined by Conny and Trevor’s family.