TechCo Support the Rock Solid Project

TechCo Systems Ltd is supporting the Rock Solid Project, which is a Bristol based initiative to divert people from crime by providing support, education and role modelling. Their vision is a society where every school leaver has the opportunity to lead a successful and fulfilling life, and has the desire to contribute positively to their community.

The mission of the Rock Solid Project is to bring the skills and experience of the best business leaders, visionaries and philanthropists to every school leaver across the South West, to ensure that successive generations have the chance to succeed. A worthy goal if ever there was one!

If you want to find out more about this project, or offer your services, Click here to visit the Rock Solid Project

They are bidding for some funding from the community cashback scheme to provide a decent PA system. If you are interested finding out about the Community Cashback scheme, and have your say on a project suggested by someone in your community, you can find out more by going to the Community Cashback website and select your area from the list.

If you want to place a vote for the Rock Solid Project Click Here

Are You On The Fast Track?

TechCo management have just completed Christopher Howard’s Fast Track and are now empowered to achieve even more greatness.

We also were serving as crew at Billionaire Bootcamp in St Andrews, Scotland which is a great experience, both for the participants and crew alike. We heartily recommend it! During this time we renewed our association with Clinton Swaine, and his Entrepreneurial Empire – it is great to see the changes that people undergo through this exercise.

For those who do not yet know him, Clinton Swaine is the world’s number 1 business games expert. He has a vast following in the US where every year thousands of people attend his Play to Win seminars seeking the golden grail to rapid business growth.

Clinton’s philosophy is based on Plato’s observation that “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. He has currently produced over 90 games and written multiple music CDs. He owns over one hundred trademarks and copyrights and is constantly innovating on the cutting edge of business development. Last year he spoke in 9 countries including China, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and the US and he is in high demand with Fortune 10 companies such as Chevron and Warner Bros. His games are currently being used by Toyota.

If you want to find out more about Clinton’s Games, click here to register for your free ticket to Play to Win via our Champions link – The Clinton Swaine Affiliate Program.