Top Technology to fill those Christmas Stockings

As it is less than one month to Christmas, we have decided to list some of our favourite tech gadgets to help you fill stockings over the festive season

Mario Kart with Wii Wheel (Wii) – Wii Remote Not Included

  • The Wii Wheel transforms the Wii Remote controller (not included) into a steering wheel that feels natural in anyone’s hands, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk; controller offer a classic control style for the Mario Kart veteran. In either configuration, players can perform speed-boosting tricks with a shake of the Wii Remote.
  • Players can race as their favourite Nintendo character, or even as themselves! Mario Kart Wii lets players race with their personalized Mii; characters. And racers will see other Mii characters they have created cheering from the sidelines on some race courses.
  • Players can compete with up to three friends in their living room. Or challenge up to 11 opponents via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in the biggest Mario Kart race yet. All tracks and modes of play are available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and players can visit the Mario Kart Channel to compete in tournaments, check rankings, see when their friends are playing and download ghost data.
  • Cruise new tracks and arenas or tour classic courses from Super Mario Kart;, Mario Kart; 64, Mario Kart;: Super Circuit;, Mario Kart;: Double Dash!!; and Mario Kart; DS. Tired of riding on four wheels? Bust out one of the new motorbikes for special tricks and techniques.
Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Wii)
Wii Fit Plus solus is the ultimate upgrade for your Wii Fit. For those who do not have Wii Fit yet they can get all New Wii Fit Plus, and as well as experiencing all these features of the original Wii Fit. Wii Fit Plus will offers all the features of the original application with the addition of all new features to make your workout more productive and personal, as well as some great new fun games. Wii Fit Plus is a great way to let everyone in the family combine fitness with fun.

Wii Fit Plus has loads of new features, including:

  • Aerobic Exercises: New Additional Jogging Courses, Ste Rythum Remix all-new songs.
  • Muscle Exercises: 3 New Muscle Exercises.
  • Yoga: Includes 3 New Poses.
  • Balance Games: Heading, Ski Jump, Ski Slalom, Tightrope, irritating maze, Penguin game,
    Snowboarding, and meditation.
  • Training Plus: Skateboarding, Rythum Kung Fu, Dungeon Jogging, many more.