Featured Blog Raspberry Pi

Our featured WordPress blog this month is the site of Raspberry Pi, the official home of for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

This site is attracting interesting because it provides news and information about the amazing, innovative, low-cost Raspberry Pi mini PC, which is claimed to sell for $25, which at UK prices is £31.86 inc VAT and shipping.

For those of you who have not heard about this wonder of modern electronics, the Raspberry Pi is a fully programmable ARM computer which is claimed to run almost any Linux distribution. It makes use of an on board GPU which is capable of high definition video playback, fast 3D processing capabilities and outputs to an HDMI or RCA video port. For a device the size of a credit card that is truly amazing!

Anyway, back to the Featured Blog, Raspberry Pi. This site uses the standard Twenty Eleven theme which comes installed with WordPress. Among the plugins, installed are Search by Google, which adds a Google search form widget, which replaces the WordPress default search. There is also WP Comment Master which is an alternative solution to display long lists of comments.

OK, to be strictly accurate this site is more interesting for being the home site for the amazing Raspberry Pi, and the opportunity to bring Linux to the masses, than for WordPress. Anyway visit the site and make up your own mind. Meanwhile we are waiting for delivery of our first Raspberry Pi!


Browserling Interactive Cross-Browser Testing Platform

Have you ever wanted to see what your website looks like in an older (or newer!) browser than you are using? Then try Browserling interactive cross-browser testing platform

Warning: this program is seriously useful, and after you really get to like playing with the different versions there is a Time’s Up message which gives two options:

  • create an account for 10 minute sessions
  • buy a paid plan for unlimited sessions

We would recommend the developer plan as a starter, for $20/month, which is for designers, front-end developers, and freelancers who need to check their work against all the browsers. This option offers unlimited sessions, and ssh tunnels.

The Dedicated Plan is listed as $250/month and adds the following

  • Remote desktop access or use the browsers through a web interface
  • Includes 200 testling minutes per month
  • SSH tunnels to access localhost and intranet services

This plan contains their entire non-IE browser selection plus IE9. Additional versions of IE require additional dedicated resources at extra cost.