London tube faces £3bn black hole

The London underground network is facing a funding gap of more than £3bn as the cost of repairing the tube system spirals out of control.

An assessment of the tube network’s financial needs published this morning outlined a financial black hole of up to £1.4bn on a third of the capital’s underground lines

London tube faces £3bn black hole | Business |

Why You Need Secure eMail

In the last few years, email has become the single most popular way for organisations to communicate with each other. But as the number of people emailing has sky-rocketed, so have the risks to organisations of being inundated with spam, infiltrated by viruses or having valuable or sensitive information stolen by hackers.  The risk of having your email system hacked into or infected is a very real one.

But if you work within the Criminal Justice System, you could join a new service that will put an end to the security nightmares that can potentially be caused by viruses, spam and hackers.

Protect yourself, your organisation and your clients – sign up for Secure eMail

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Secure eMail is provided by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform. Although the service is run by the Government, the Government does not have a right to view the content of any of the emails being transmitted across the service.

Google launches Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Primary design goals were improvements in security, speed and stability compared to existing browsers. To ensure security Chrome periodically downloads updates of two blacklists (one for phishing and one for malware) and warns users when they attempt to visit a harmful site. A private browsing feature called Incognito mode is provided which prevents the browser from storing any history information or cookies from websites visited.

The beta version is available for Windows users, while Mac OS X and Linux versions are under development.  Click here to download Google Chrome for Windows


Newlyweds scoop £1.9 million on National Lottery

By 3/09/2008

A newlywed couple who met on a dating website have continued their internet lucky streak by winning £1.9 million on the National Lottery by playing online.

But that’s not the unbelievable bit! Ed Edwards is a computer engineer who works at < Avon and Somerset Probation Area and is a long time associate of TechCo Systems in Bristol. He worked on many applications developed by the team and has acted as enforcer of accessibility standards for the Jobs in Probation website. All the team at TechCo Systems wish him the best in whatever he decides to do.

By the way Ed, if you need a Performance and Life Consultant to help you get in touch with your inner self, you should check out!

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TechCo Systems are a dynamic Bristol based development company, whose key values are Quality, Honesty and Excellence. They value diversity, having strength in depth, with qualified, experienced project managers, graphic designers and developers.  TechCo Systems products are

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  • Database-driven for flexibility
  • Standards compliant for usability
  • Controlled by the customer

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